Melankolia Debut

Now its finally time to present our new program! During this long process of formation, there was one fact crystallizing more and more clearly: it is incomprehensible how sadness and depression can be of such beauty!

In this program we let ourselves be washed away by the wave of melancholy through the 16th century Europe. We follow Ficino’s footsteps, visit Margaret of Austria “The Mourning Lady” and get to know Captain Hume’s “humor”. We witness when sad tears are pouring, when destiny’s cruelty corrodes hope’s fragile wings. When physicians come to an understanding of music and the boundaries between depression and madness become blurred. When the self-irony gives a greater perspective on life and laughing tears reveal their healing power.
With music and speech we invite the audience to take part in the people’s dreams, hopes, fears and fortunes. Perhaps to realize that these are not so different from our own. Or to enjoy melancholy’s beautiful side effects. Or simply to confront ourselves – with Robert Burtons words: “I write of melancholy by being busy, to avoid melancholy”

You will hear works by Hume, Morley, Dowland, Cara, Desprez, etc.

Welcome to Koncertkirken Copenhagen on March 21st 🙂

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